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Keep the money flowing in while you handle your tasks. Join the Keep the money flowing in while you handle your tasks. Join the Ualett app and keep it handy whenever you need to cover unexpected expenses for your GIG business. Whether it’s vehicle maintenance, new tires, fuel expenses, accident costs or any other business needs. We’ve got you covered.


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Frequently asked questions

Questions? We got Answers.

What is Ualett®?

Ualett® is a dedicated service app, designed for independent contractors seeking a seamless solution for managing their accounts receivables. Operated by Cabicash Solutions Inc. and headquartered in Delaware, Ualett® facilitates the purchase of your business-generated accounts receivables through a user-friendly sales and purchase agreement. Whether you're a GIG worker, self-employed individual, freelancer, micro business owner, rideshare or taxi driver, or even in the delivery or truck driving business, Ualett® is here to streamline your financial processes and support your success.

How do I change my password?

Using your Ualett app, just click on “Change my password" and follow the instructions If you need additional help, please send us an email with your NAME and PHONE number to:, or give us a call at: +1 844-844-2488.

What percentage does Ualett® charge?

As a receivables purchasing company, we charge a moderate percentage related to your operation future receivables, which will ultimately be selected by you, based on the deal for which you qualify after our system evaluation process.

Who can apply with Ualett?®

GIG Workers, 1099, Self-employed, Independent Contractors, Freelancers, Micro Business, Rideshare, Taxi Drivers, Deliveries, Truck Drivers

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