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Ualett® is a mobile application created with the main purpose of facilitating a tactical, fully digital funding solution for independent contractors, such as ride-shares, taxis, truckers and others. This sector of essential independent contractors in the transportation network has a tough responsibility of keeping America moving at all times. Ualett® helps upon unexpected funding needs, improving their day-to-day work flow and business experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ualett®is a registered trademark owned and operated by Cabicash Solutions Inc., headquartered in Delaware. We are a service app that buys accounts receivables generated by your business as an independent driver, using an account receivables sales and purchase agreement. Apply for your Future Receivables Sale and Purchase deal now!

Using your app, just click on “Change my password and follow the instructions” If you need additional help, please send us an Email with your NAME and PHONE number to:, or give us a call at: +1 (302) 760-9175.

As a receivables purchasing company, we charge a moderate percentage related to your operation future receivables, which will ultimately be selected by you, based on the deal for which you qualify after our system evaluation process.