Cash advance for independent Rideshare, Taxis and Truck drivers

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We are proud and committed to enhance the daily routine of thousands of independent rideshare, taxi and truck drivers! we look forward to serving you!
Don't let money stop your business model. Create you Ualett account today and receive Cash Advance in 24 hours! With NO CREDIT CHECK
Don't let money stop your business model. Create you Ualett account today and receive Cash Advance in 24 hours! With NO CREDIT CHECK

About us

Ualett, trademark owned and operated by Cabicash Solutions INC, headquarted in New York, NY, is a sevice app that buys accounts recivables generated by your business as an independent driver, it works through an account receivables sales and purchase agreement, get a cash advance for a flat fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ualett is a service app trademark owned and operated by Cabicash Solutions, Inc., headquarted in New York, New York, that buys future account receivables from independent contractor drivers who under an account receivables sales and purchase agreement, get a cash advances for a flat fee.
  • You need to add your banking information because we work with Verification Logistic, which protect your information, advise the bank that you authorized us to receive the necessary transaction data to validate and qualify the user, and works as an authorisation on your end to get cash advance deposit in your account (if you qualify). With this you save time, avoid long lines in the bank, and keep your information save, you don't need to share your logins and we do not have access to see them or to edit nor perform any transaction from your account.
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    Tel.(646) 513-4224
  • We do not charge any type of interest rate, commissions or loan charges. We charge a flat fee, depending on the amount and repayment time selected.

Always with you

Our platform focuses its strategy on the permanent search for solutions to those requirements that make your work productivity more efective, in ualett "We are more than cash advance".

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Showed a lot of respect and great integrity, and gain trust in me to prove that they were willing to help me. If it wasn’t for them I would not knock it closer to my goal in acting. Thank you Ualett for helping me get into Uber! Highly recommend.

Ty, Driver in Georgia

My experience was good, the service is fast and safe, I have no complaints. I would recommend it to my friends and family.

Cecilia, Driver in New york

My experience was quite pleasant since it was easy for me to manage the application and see the dates of my charges, and thus clearly plan each payment. I find the application quite practical and manageable.

Luis, Driver in California

Hello Ualett, I’m so grateful about your service, it helps me a lot. I’ll like to continue doing this with you, this is a great idea for the taxi drivers. I had my car fixed 100% good, now I’m applying for more.

Omar, Driver in New york

I appreciate that you give me the opportunity to be part of you. We, the New York taxi drivers, were expecting for a company like you. Very grateful for the treatment and a very professional customer service. God bless you always.

Mamerto, Driver in New York

I want to thank you for all your trust and the support we have had, your perseverance, your patience, your time and, above all, your excellent service. The application is excellent and works properly. I hope you continue updating and improving the technological services so that the updates are in real time.

Alex, Driver in Florida

I want to congratulate the Ualett team for such excellent and timely service. They have always adapted to meet my needs, and the best part is that they are always there, answering the telephone in the best way and with a good disposition to continue working with the customer. For this reason I consider that they are serious and professional people so I do not hesitate to recommend you.

Roger, Driver in New Jersey

Happy with the app and the customer service. It is always good to have a helping hand when you need it.

Dalbin, Driver in New York

Excellent costumer service, great app. It’s an excellent source in an emergency. Thanks Ualett for your service.

Deliany, Driver in California

Ualett gave me great financial support when I needed it the most, with very affordable payments. I am satisfied with the attention, collaboration and support of the specialists. It is a reliable financial system and professional people. I recommend it to my family and friends.

Laddy, Driver in Florida