About us

We offer our users an experience that goes

beyond a cash advance.

Our story

Where it all began

Our journey kicked off with a very powerful goal: to create a one-of-a-kind experience for GIG workers.

After dedicating three years to research and development, we proudly launched the Ualett® app in July 2018. Our story started alongside a team of enthusiastic promoters who hit the streets of Miami and New York. We engaged in conversations with Uber, Lyft drivers and other rideshares, extending a warm invitation to join and use our application.

We have a presence

in 40+ states

Our app is constantly growing, resulting in a thriving community of over 80,000 users.

Currently present in more than 40 states, Ualett® has garnered exceptional satisfaction from our users. This recognition comes from positive feedback, phone surveys and digital platform reviews.

Our mission

Improving your business is our

Main goal

Help drivers and independent contractors with their businesses offering to our clients a premium financial service, encouraging them to have confidence in the product or service they are using, combined with a unique emphasis on customer success. Time, service, efficiency and consistency is our main promise as a brand.